Udbrud v.301c

Udbrud v.301c

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Idéen er at fortælle om mine interesser, dels digte og lidt omkring min foto interesse. Denne blog er til for at dele mine tidlige digte fra Digte.dk med jer. Det er stadig meget sparsomt med tekster (digte) da jeg skrev omkring 6000 digte/tekster på digte.dk i sin tid men foreløbig er det min første profil der ligger her og enkelte fra min profil nr. 2. Billedet ovenover er taget af mig, sommeren 2012 og er almindelig kællingetand.

Lille Italien? [engelsk version]

Nye digtePosted by Steffen Weiss Tue, April 15, 2014 07:55:28
This must be how it feels
running around in
Little Italy
with pizzerias on each
street corner , in the middle of the block
at the opposite end , and
just opposite
and the streets stink
of hot cheese , garlic oil
and oregano
Your pellegrino sparkles
merrily in the bottle
whilst orders whip
in the kitchen in Arabic
while you are considering
whether kebab and dürüm
have southern Italian ancestors
while snacking on olives
freshly canned
with the characteristic
taint of tin on the tongue
all the while Hassan is sweating
into the tomato sauce
as he lines your " UFO "
with meat and trans fats
and hopes your cardiovascular system
will not be irreversibly harmed
so you can return tomorrow
in the expectation that the burger
with salad can correct
your excessive cholesterol
but damn it, you are standing on
the doorstep of Amager
and wondering about the rest of the world's
aversion to Denmark's most beautiful island
that they proclaim that the bitches
have license plates and the dogs
are ferocious
I have not yet seen it
but whatever - I am biased
and blinded by the entire
multicultural society
which has been deported to here.

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